Android L – announcement of new Android at Google IO 2022!

Android L – announcement of new Android at Google I/O 2022!

Today marked the start of Google I/O, the largest annual conference on Google. It brought with it news of sizable changes – Google is planning a redesign and a new version of Android. For now, the version of the system is called Android L. The redesign will cover the entire brand, which will change its look to Material Design.

In April, new Google icons leaked online – now we know that the redesign applies to all Google products, and the new look will be called Material Design. Despite the fact that KitKat has so far only arrived on approx. 15% of phones, Google already preparing new operating system. The change involves a redesign of all google’s products.

This change is expected to be the biggest change to Android's UI since the update to Cream Sandwich, which took place in 2011.
The new design features rounded elements and edges that will seamlessly stretch and change in appearance. Material Design is a definite step towards simplification of elements and free transition effects. Changes affect not only Android itself, but all Google products, including the design of their websites.

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