Apple strengthens ranks by buying streaming service Swell and start-up BookLamp.

Apple strengthens ranks by buying streaming service Swell and start-up BookLamp

Apple continues to expand its possessions. The company has just purchased Swell, a streaming start-up for listening to news and podcasts, for $30 million. In addition, a few days ago the spoils of the company fell to BookLamp, a start-up designed to help readers choose the readings that best suit their tastes as possible.

What’s next?

Swell – something to listen to, not necessarily music

Swell is a streaming app, primarily for listening to “spoken” recordings, not music. Swell offers all kinds of news, podcasts and recordings from sources such as ABC, BBC, CBC, TED and many others. The purchase amount of Swell is expected to be 30 million dollars.

The app itself has so far garnered 7.$2 million from investors. Its main purpose is to collect all news, podcasts and shows, linked in personalized streaming.

BookLamp – the perfect advisor for bookworms

Literally three days ago, on July 25, Apple also confirmed the purchase of the BookLamp – of an e-book company. BookLamp suggests upcoming items to readers, based on their tastes and the items they have read so far. The tips are based not only on literary genre or subject matter, but e.g.

The writing style of a particular author. Purchase of BookLamp is expected to allow Apple to improve iBooks service. By making this purchase, Apple probably aimed to fight its rival Amazon and its new Kindle Unlimited offering.

The amount Apple paid for BookLamp is expected to be in the range of 10 to 15 million dollars.

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