Apple WWDC2022 – what iOS 8 will bring, that is, day one launches.

Apple WWDC2022 – what iOS 8 will bring, that is, day one launches

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 began yesterday. Owners of Apple devices were able to watch the event live thanks to streming. Yesterday we wrote about what the conference might bring, and it turns out that most of the predictions came true!

Apple has unveiled the new iOS 8, and with it several new or improved apps.

New iOS 8 available this fall

One of the biggest launches turned out to be the release of the new mobile operating system, iOS 8. The update will be ready for download in the fall and will be available to users of iPhone 4S and later, fifth-generation iPod Touch and iPad 2 and later. Developers belonging to the iOS Developer Program can test iOS 8 capabilities now.

New notifications = multitasking

iOS 8 means a lot of improvements and new features. The first of these is change in the form of notifications. You’ll be able to receive them while using other apps, and you’ll be able to respond to them without leaving the app you’re already using.

This includes SMS, Facebook notifications or calendar events. iOS 8 will thus present its multitasking unveiling.

Email client = tag and delete with a single gesture

The standard email inbox application. Access to tagging or deleting message data will be made easier, without having to open it. To do so, you will only need to make a swype gesture.

Spotlight + Quicktype = better search engine and keyboard

An improved option will also arrive on iOS Spotlight, that will allow you to search for apps that are not necessarily installed on your device, songs from the iTunes store, movie show times, etc. By typing in a given location, Spotlight will give us directions to that location. Quicktype is another new feature.

Despite continuous optimization of the system keyboard, mistakes still happen. Quicktype will be tasked with even better and more efficient word prediction.

iMessage = inspired by the competition…

iMessage steals ideas WhatsApp, which Facebook has purchased and will provide the ability to send short audio and video messages. All this directly from the same app, without having to open any additional apps. More interestingly, audio messages will be able to be answered directly from the lock screen – just lift the phone to face level. iMessage was also inspired by Snapchat, as you will be able to choose “self-destruct” for some of the messages you send.

Continuity = perfect symbiosis

Continuity will ensure perfect cooperation between the new iOS 8 and OS X, which runs on Macintosh computers. Users will be able to make and receive calls from OS X, even when the phone is out of our hands.

HealthKit + Health App = health first and foremost

HealthKit is an app that will allow us to gather in one place all the health data that is documented with the help of other apps that track our activity. The app will track, collect and analyze data on e.g. our movement or sleep, cooperating with With the Nike app. Helath App will allow users to always have their “hand on the pulse” and in the literal sense of the word 😉 – they will have a constant overview of all the most relevant information about their health.

In the future, the app could make it much easier for patients and doctors to work together.

Family Sharing = share with loved ones

Option Family Sharing will allow groups of up to six people to share certain functions of the phone. With this service, the family will be able to operate a shared calendar or share purchased apps. Some of the actions performed by children, such as. purchase of apps, will be able to be protected by parental controls.

iCloud = cloud + Siri = improved assistant

iCloud Photo Library will continuously synchronize the photos you take and put them in the cloud, so users can access them at all times, from any device. Siri may be a bit disappointing, relative to the expectations we had for it, but nevertheless there were some improvements – as expected, Siri will now guess the titles of songs we listen to on the radio with the help of Shazam. It will also be possible to purchase a particular song from the iTunes Store directly from Siri’s search results.

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