Are you bored with the traditional way of unlocking your smartphone Get a tattoo!

Are you bored with the traditional way of unlocking your smartphone? Get a tattoo!

Proper security of our device is a fundamental issue – we should take care of the safety of stored data. The phone's lock function has for some time ceased to be limited to swiping a finger across the screen or various types of codes. Motorola has decided to develop this element of the interface of its smartphones as well, offering a new way to unlock the phone using…tattoo.

The described innovation is the result of Motorola's collaboration with Vivalnk, which has developed eSkin technology – enabling the creation of thin, flexible and skin-tight digital tattoos. Any such tattoo allows us to instantly unlock our smartphone (as long as you own a Motorola Moto X model, as only that one is supported). All you need to do is to put the hardware to your hand, as communication is done via NFC.

Of course, you need to synchronize your phone with the Tattoo beforehand. The manufacturer assures that the digital tattoo will last for 5 days, during which it won't be intimidated by showers, swimming, physical labor or any other daily activity.

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