EFood – a portable product tester that has angered food industry giants

eFood – portable "tester" Products that angered the food industry tycoons?

The multiplicity and variety of food products makes it sometimes not easy to make the right decision in the store. An informed consumer is a person who pays attention to what he eats. However, where to get the necessary knowledge?

For some time now, a useful compendium has been the eFood app, around which there has been a media hype due to alleged pressure from food manufacturers.
eFood is an application available for devices equipped with Android and iOS systems. Its authors wanted to create a program that would make your device a mobile „tester” of food products. The idea is simple, eFood allows you to scan the barcodes of products, and then displays all, necessary information about the composition and type of substances used in the production process (it’s mainly about the infamous additives with a name starting with the letter E…).

Thanks to the app’s built-in database, we can check the harmfulness of given additives. The list is really long. Each preservative is described by a 5-point scale: from the useful ones (yes, there are some!), ending with extremely harmful ones that you should stop consuming. Importantly, the product base is being expanded all the time, with a target of 30,000 items.

A fundraiser was held on the PolakPotrafi portal, which was a great success. The creators asked for 9,000 PLN, and received as much as 17,251 PLN.

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