Infographics 50 facts about WhatsApp – the record-breaking app.

Infographic: 50 facts about WhatsApp, the record-breaking popularity app

With smartphones, text messaging is an increasingly extinct form of communication, replaced by mobile messengers – apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (which is also part of the Facebook family since Facebook decided to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion). Social media apps dominate our smartphones. WhatsApp ranks among the 10 fastest-growing apps in this category.

Interestingly, WhatsApp owes its popularity only to the app's functionality, for the company has not invested a dollar in its marketing strategy, which is basically… non-existent.
As of April of this year (that is, in the six years since its inception), the app had amassed more than 800 million active users and is getting closer to crossing the magic threshold of one billion users. WhatsApp is doing well, despite the fact that it doesn't invest in marketing – you won't find ads or options for additional purchases or surcharges in it. The fee itself $1 a year from each user provides the company with a solid income for the company's team that counts 55 people.
Below you will find the 10 most interesting statistics about this application:

  1. 1 place is the position WhatsApp occupies among messengers downloaded to mobile devices.
  2. 5th place while it ranks WhatsApp among the most downloaded apps on Android.
  3. $10 billion – That was the amount Google offered for WhatsApp, even before Facebook offered its $19 billion price tag.
  4. $17 billion amounted to NASA's annual budget for 2022. WhatsApp's value is more than this amount.
  5. 75%of total news sent via instant messaging are messages written in WhatsApp.
  6. 1 million of new users registering daily on the app.
  7. 386 million The $19 billion Forbes estimates the telecommunications industry is expected to lose between 2012 and 2018 due to the growing popularity of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.
  8. 10% of users WhatsApp's Indians, who at the same time make up the largest number of the app's users.
  9. 27% of selfies shared on social media are those sent via WhatsApp.
  10. 40% divorce rate In Italy, they are those in which proof of infidelity is the messages sent via WhatsApp.


The infographic prepared by Shop On Less also includes several settings and tricks, Which may prove useful to users of the app. Among other things, it contains information on how to make a working copy of chats, disable tags of read messages or hide profile or status. However, one of the most interesting options is the possibility of extending the use of WhatsApp for free. The first year of using the app is free, the second costs $1.

However, if someone feels sorry for even this amount, just delete your old account in the settings and then create a new one – you can use exactly the same data, and WhatsApp will still provide another year of free use of the application.
Messenger continues to grow in strength, with basically minimal effort – above all – cost. It turns out that getting out in front of users and offering them maximum functionality for a minimal price (or for free), without annoying ads and solicitations for in-app purchases can bring much more benefit than using similar practices.

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