Poland’s mobile industry is growing at a surprising pace and is moving in a very good direction – Tomasz

Poland's mobile industry is developing at a surprising pace and is heading in a very good direction – Tomasz Pawlisiak

Tomasz Pawlisiak, frontend developer and Responsive Web Design specialist, talks about the apps he can't imagine his smartphone without, as part of 3 questions for the speaker. He also stresses the importance of inspiration as a factor that helps create better and better solutions. As a reminder, there is an Inspiration Day especially for those who appreciate seeking new inspiration and opening their heads to new ideas, which will take place on the 12th.

February at Mobile Trends Conference 2022.
If you had to leave only three apps on your phone, which one would be your choice and why?
I think it would be Google Chrome, Facebook and Spotify. I'm not addicted to Facebook, I'm not a hardcore user, I don't upload pictures of cats or Gotye songs to walla. I've been using the site for a long time as an aggregator of news from the world, from the industry, a daily dose of inspiration and one of my main communication tools.

I am addicted to positive sounds, I can't work without a good note on my headphones, I also make my daily exercises more pleasant with a suitable playlist. I don't support illegal sources, and Spotify really offers us a lot for a pittance. Google Chrome – this is probably obvious!
Development Day, Business Day or maybe Inspiration Day – which conference day are you looking forward to the most and why?
Reason tells me to answer Development Day, but the heart, however, is stronger. Inspiration is the main reason I attend these types of events. I deal with concepts and figuring out unusual things on a daily basis, so a decent dose of inspiration is what I look forward to.

Especially since the Polish mobile industry is developing at an astonishing pace and is heading in a very good direction. I also bet on networking parties, because it is known at which the best ideas are born.
Give a talk at Mobile Trends Conference 2022. What will your speech be about?
Theoretically about designing and implementing responsive websites. And practically? I don't want this to be a dry lecture on best practices, trends or technicalities. This is not secret knowledge and any savvy web user has no problem finding information on the subject. I will certainly ask more questions than I will give answers.

I will show a different face of this technology and sow the seeds of uncertainty. I hope to inspire more than one listener. Invite.

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