Project Fi is coming to life – telecom services from Google now available.

Project Fi enters into force – telecommunications services from Google now available

Last week we reported on Proxy Fi, Google’s new “baby” for telecom services. While not much was said about the project until a few days ago and it was largely shrouded in secrecy, yesterday Google revealed the details of Project Fi, thereby beginning to offer telecommunications services to US residents as a virtual virtual network operator (MVNO). The main goal of the project is to provide subscribers with the fastest possible connection.

Thanks to the Project, you will also be able to use your phone, even if…you leave it at home.

Connect to the fastest network

Project Fi is Google’s provision of wireless services over carrier-owned telecommunications networks T-Mobile and Sprint, also using more than one million trusted Wi-Fi hotspots. Those who choose to use Google’s services will receive Access to the fastest network at any given time, Regardless of whether it will be Wi-Fi or cellular network. Thanks to the Project, the phone will automatically connect to the fastest, trusted and Google-tested hotspots.

Once connected, Google will take care of the encryption of the transmitted data.

Call from any device

Phone numbers will be stored in the cloud, in view of which Project Fi customers will be able to Use any device to make calls from your number – you will only need the Google Hangouts application. Google’s goal is to enable communication via any network and any device, which is expected to help at least if you leave your phone at home or in the office.

Pay only for what you use

Google is looking to gain a competitive edge by offering „fair” terms of payment and use of services. The company wants to be fair to its subscribers, so they are to pay only for the transfer used. Project Fi offers one simple tariff plan: for $20 a month, subscribers will receive standard services (voice calls, SMS, international Wi-Fi call support in more than 120 countries, plus unlimited SMS abroad and low international call rates).

The additional fee is $10 per month for 1GB of transferred data at home and abroad. So that subscribers are not forced to pay for unused data, as is the case with most other operators’ tariffs, Google will refund money for unused transfer, without charging a commission or deducting the amount you are entitled to.

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