Report 112% – this is how mobile traffic in America has grown over the year.

Report: 112% – this is how America's mobile traffic has grown in a year

Internet traffic is moving from computers to mobile devices overnight. Over the past year, mobile traffic to various U.S. company websites has increased by 112%. Desktop traffic, on the other hand, declined by 4%.

American users, meanwhile, have been slow to see the option in Android, thinning the ranks of Apple fans.

90% of revenue comes from mobile sites

The Mobile Commerce Trends report was prepared by US-based Skava. The data is based on billions of mobile user sessions using the company's U.S. apps and pages, as of October 2013. by october 2022.. Once again, the prediction that Mobile traffic will surpass desktop traffic in a few years, and over time can almost completely replace it.
It turns out that mobile apps are far less frequently visited by users, compared to mobile sites of companies. 85% of visits are to the mobile site, while in-app visits are only 15%. Profiting from these solutions is also proportionate – Mobile sites bring in 90% of revenue, compared to 10% of revenue generated by mobile apps.

Android is growing in popularity


There was also a slight weakening of Apple's position over the course of the year, despite the release of the next iPhone’a. iOS traffic declined by 2% in favor of Android, The same is also true of the Apple vs Samsung brand battle – Samsung gained 3% of the users that Apple lost. However, these are such insignificant numbers that it is impossible to speak of a loss for Apple, which is still in the clear lead in the US market.
In the case of the profitability of individual systems – only Apple and Android were included in the report, as the rest of the systems amounted to less than 1% of the total – profits also changed slightly in favor of Android. In the first quarter, 32% of mobile channel revenue for U.S. enterprises came from Android, 67% – from iOS. At the end of the year, these figures changed to 37% and 62% respectively.
Thus, one can conclude that Android is growing in strength, slightly weakening the ranks of Apple, but this is a very slow process and – for the time being – not significantly threatening the Apple brand, which is a giant in the US market – its shares at the end of 2022 still amount to 61% of the US mobile market share. However, if such a trend overseas continues, and users move to the Android side year after year, phone after phone, in a few years on the strengths of the green man and apple may be equalized.

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