Report The mobile gaming sector is going from strength to strength.

Report: the mobile game sector is growing in strength

The electronic entertainment industry has seen its value increase for years. A number of factors contribute to this state of affairs, one of which is the popularization of mobile games. Thanks to reports from analytics firm Newzoo, we can answer the question of the importance, or role, of such games for the industry as a whole.

42% – that's how much the mobile game sector has increased in value In just one year (from 2013 to 2022). What's more, in 2022, the mobile production market will be valued higher than the game console market in the entire electronic entertainment industry. This is a historic development that illustrates the growing trend of playing with mobile devices.
In a Newzoo rapture, pt. The Quarterly Global Games Market Update, we find information about the current and projected value of the mobile electronic games market. A quick glance at the chart is all it takes to see a fairly clear upward trend.

The mobile game market, according to analysts at Newzoo, is expected to grow successively.

What are the reasons for the process described above? The authors of the report mainly point to the sudden increase in revenues from emerging markets such as India. However, the role of mature markets, North America or Asia, is also significant, as predictions about their saturation with mobile productions have not come true.
Vincent van Deelen, an analyst at Newzoo, explained that the results of the large manufacturers (Rovio, King, DeNA or GREE), are not necessarily representative of the entire market, while Hard facts have forced the company to recast and raise forecasts.
An interesting aspect of the growing mobile gaming sector, is cannibalizing the other sales platforms. Manufacturers who still focus their business on traditional ways of distributing games (it's not only about the way they sell, but also about the type of applications they produce) are losing their market position. An example of this process can be seen in the revenue from Apple and Nintendo games.

The Cupertino giant is expected to generate revenues of four billion dollars this year, while the legend of the electronic games industry, Japan's Nintendo, only half that amount.
What makes Apple strong? According to Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo, a key role is played by iPad, Which is the hardware platform for the U.S. giant that provides the most mobile gaming revenue. In the continuing market battle between Android and iOS, Google's system provides the highest gross revenue among smartphones (more than iPhones’y), but not tablets.

The Android tablet segment is still fragmented in terms of device specifications, which is not conducive to generating large revenues from mobile game sales.

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