Smart Glasses from Microsoft. Are we facing a war of wearable glass

Smart Glasses from Microsoft. Are we facing a war of wearable glass?

Microsoft has published patent applications for augumented reality projects, specifically the creation of smart glasses. In this case, does the Redmond giant intend to create a new line of smart glasses in the near future?
Microsoft's project involves not only Recognition of real objects, but also to predict their behavior. Patents filed include information on the use of the so-called "wearable behavior-based vision system". The system allows, for example.: on recognizing an oncoming car and the direction in which it is moving.

The information obtained is superimposed on the display screen of the glasses and, if necessary, warns the user about possible dangers or obstacles.
In addition, the technology is expected to allow seamless connection of two worlds: the virtual and the real one. Thus, using virtual reality goggles, it will be possible to program an unrealistic world with objects present in reality. And yes, users will be able to play virtual games in their own homes without tripping over chairs or furniture.

Available information shows that Microsoft's glasses are closer to Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus than to Google Glass. However, unlike the first two, users are not completely immersed in the virtual world. Besides, there is ongoing work, also the final shape and functionality of the glasses is unknown.
Let's hope that Microsoft will abandon the idea of creating smart glasses, because as you know, the more competition, the more interesting and better products appear on the market. And this is always very good news for consumers.

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