A holistic approach is needed to get the best out of the industry – Karol Zak.

A holistic approach is needed to get the best insight into the industry – Karol Zak

Karol Zak, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, answers 3 questions for Mobile Trends Conference speaker. As befits a programmer, it's short, concise and to the point. In a few sentences, he describes the advantages of Windows Phone and emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to mobile operations. As a reminder, you will have the opportunity for just such a comprehensive understanding of the mobile world – both in the developer and business aspects – on 11-13.

February in Krakow during the Mobile Trends Conference and Mobile-IT Fair.
Which operating system is hosted on your phone? Why exactly this one?
Before I even started working for Microsoft, I became convinced of Windows Phone. What convinced me? Above all, the security of my data and a light and pleasant user interface that I have not seen on any other platform.
Development Day, Business Day, or maybe Inspiration Day – which of the conference days are you most looking forward to and why?
Since I'm a programmer, I should probably answer that it will be Development Day, but I'm actually interested in all three days of the conference. To get the best orientation in our industry, it's good to know both what's going on from the technical and business side, and a little inspiration doesn't hurt either.
You will be giving a talk at Mobile Trends Conference 2022. What your speech will be about?
My talk will be about creating universal Windows Store apps for both small mobile devices, larger tablets and large desktops and laptops. I will show how to easily create such an application and capture all Windows platforms.

Microsoft Technical Evangelist, former participant in the Microsoft Student Partners program, founder and ex-leader of the Group .NET of the Radom University of Technology. Enthusiast of the latest technologies for years associated with Microsoft and the IT community in Poland. Specializes in mobile technologies and the latest software tools and environments. Hobbyist broadens his horizons and pursues his childhood dreams by developing computer games.

For 2 years, as a certified trainer with an MCT title, he was involved in providing training to companies, and in January he joined the team of technical evangelists at Microsoft. Privately, an American soccer enthusiast, playing the position of quarterback of one of Warsaw's teams.

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