Apps for students, or mobile school supplies.

Apps for students, or mobile school layette

The school year is fast approaching. In every store we now encounter piles of notebooks, pens and other school kit essentials. We suggest how to prepare a student’s layette also from the mobile side. In the thicket of Google Play apps, there are several items that will come in handy in and out of school.

As the average Polish student uses an Android-based smartphone rather than an iPhone’a, we present only free applications available on Google Play.

Foreign language

When learning a foreign language, without a dictionary you can’t move. We can use online dictionaries, but we haven’t yet lived to see the era of free wi-fi in schools ;), and mobile internet costs money. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a dictionary app installed on your smartphone. If a student aspires to become a polyglot, it is worthwhile for him or her to install an app that accommodates multilingual dictionaries, e.g. Multilingual Polish dictionary.

For people who want to learn by doing interesting exercises and combining learning with fun and gamification, we recommend Duolingo Thanks to this application, almost anyone, not just a student, can get training in many foreign languages. You will also find fiches useful, for example. In the form of Fiszkoteka, which will help you learn vocabulary words.

Polish language

During Polish language lessons, an application that combines several dictionaries will prove helpful. PL Dictionary combines a spelling dictionary, a Polish language dictionary and a contemporary dictionary of the Polish language. In addition, it includes rules for spelling the words in question. Synonym dictionary is another dictionary that will come in handy especially when writing essays – it will help avoid repetition. Summaries of readings will allow you to remember the plot of a given book just before a class exam.

Kids who have just started their school adventure will find some spelling exercises useful. The Spelling with Spelling app can help you write school dictations for 5+.


Apps such as History or History in a Nutshell are sure to help you learn historical facts and important dates. They will allow you to find the necessary dates and learn the most important facts from almost any historical period. Students with a strong interest in history and knowledge of English can be helped in developing their knowledge and interests by History In Pictures, where we can find information rather from recent history, where each piece of information is supported by interesting photographs.


Every phone has a built-in calculator, usually also an extended one, so installing an additional application may seem unnecessary. However, if a student is just working through fractions or percentages, the Polish Percentage Calculator can be helpful. We also recommend the application to those who have already left the school thresholds, as it can greatly facilitate daily calculations when making promotional purchases or business calculations. Practicing various mathematical operations, from addition and subtraction to the multiplication table and division, can be helped by Mathematics – Mind Training.

The youngest can learn mathematics in a fun and colorful way thanks to the application Mathematics – Tropiciele.


In learning geography, the application Geographical Quiz Game 3D can help. With friendly graphics and game formula, learning flags, capitals, maps or monuments can be a pleasure. The Polish marketing application Geografia z Bakusiami also tempts with aesthetic graphics and geographical puzzles.

Don’t be fooled by the fairy tale setting – some of the tasks are not that easy at all, in view of which parents can sneak a smartphone or tablet to their children to brush up on geography themselves.

Chemistry and physics

The Periodic Table and any other formula tables are a must when learning science. Thanks to the application Matriculation Tables – Chemistry, in one place we will find the periodic table of elements and many other chemical tables, which will not necessarily be useful in elementary or middle school, but can already definitely help high school students in classes with a chemical profile. Likewise for the Formula Card – Physics app, which houses formulas from each of the physics departments.

Understanding the laws of physics in practice will be helped by Physics at School, teaching through play.

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