Facebook introduces option to make payments in Messenger app.

Facebook introduces option to make payments in Messenger app

Mobile payments seem to be one of the fastest growing mobile trends of recent times. New platforms for making payments via smartphone are emerging every now and then. Also well-known app developers are extending the functionality of their apps with the function of making payments.

One example is Snapchat, which unveiled Snapcash in the fall. Now mobile payments have been introduced by one of the biggest giants when it comes to apps and social media – Facebook. Now you will be able to transfer money to a friend directly from the chat window.
A year ago, Facebook crossed the threshold of 1 billion mobile users. In addition, in Poland it has proven to be one of the most popular media, right behind YouTube. Almost every owner of a mobile device has one of the applications installed on it under the banner of Facebook: the Facebook app itself, Messenger or, for example, the Facebook app.

Facebook page manager for fan page’s managers. Messenger in many cases replaces other forms of communication, such as SMS or e-mail. Now through Messenger it will be possible not only to send messages or funny stickers, but also money.

Overflow in the chat window

Facebook has officially announced that a new feature has entered the Messenger app, which will allow the quick and secure exchange of money between friends. Among the icons visible above the keyboard, enabling e.g. sending a sticker or photo, there will be a new icon with a $ sign that will allow you to send money to your friends. To send money, all you have to do is click on the icon, enter the amount and tap “Pay” in the top right corner of the app. It is also necessary to enter payment card data. Money will be taken from the account and shared with a selected friend.

In order to receive money, you only need to enter your payment card details once in the application. The transfer order is executed immediately, but you can wait up to 3 business days for finalization, depending on the bank.

Concerned about security

Facebook assures that bank account data will be safe. After all, the company has been in the payments business since 2007, ever since it managed payments for games or ads on the service. More than a million transactions pass through Facebook’s server every day. Many users are already entrusting service payment card data, due to the above fees. There is a lot of truth in the statement that Facebook knows almost everything about us anyway.

All data is encrypted, and the company guarantees its security. Also, after assigning your card to your account, you can create your own PIN to protect against unwanted transfers inside Messenger. Users of devices from Apple will be able to secure their transactions with Touch ID.

Using Messenger, you will also be able to pay from your computer.
For now, the feature will be available only to residents of the United States. Messenger’s upgrade to a version with the option to make payments will be systematically made available to individual users over the coming months. The functionality will be available to all Visa and MasterCard holders who are assigned to a US bank account.

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