IAB Expert Panel #12 Report Mobile Online Development Perspectives in Poland 2022.

IAB Expert Panel #12: Report "Mobile Online Development Perspectives in Poland 2022"

On April 29, 2022, the IAB Expert Panel #12 on the development potential of the mobile market in Poland was held in Warsaw. A year ago, a panel on the same topic was held in February. At the beginning of the meeting, the results of the IAB Poland Mobile 2022 study were presented.

The research was conducted on a representative group of Polish Internet users. While some of the survey results are nothing new, others clearly indicate a transformation in the habits of Internet users that are associated with the increasing popularity of the mobile channel. You can read an account of the expert panel discussion at this link.

The mobile era continues

The meeting began with a presentation by PaweĊ‚ Kolenda of IAB Poland, who presented briefly The report “Mobile Online Development Perspectives in Poland 2022”. The research conducted once again attempted to answer the question, what about this year of mobile – was, is, will be? In the end, however, the conclusion was known – the year of mobile is not an accurate phrase, we should rather talk about the mobile era. Most of the report’s data are things that have already been discussed in more or less detail in other reports and studies. Currently, the adaptation of mobile devices among Polish Internet users is 70%, and the market is slowly approaching the level of saturation.

Every year, more Poles are becoming aware of smartphone ownership and use. Among smartphone owners, it is The phone is the most frequently used device. The growth dynamics of mobile devices will also flatten out, and this is happening faster with tablets than with smartphones.

This is due to the m.in. the fact that the phone is a very private device, while the tablet is very often shared by household members (excluding executives and other business people who use the tablet heavily for business purposes).

Favorite activities

Many of the activities, such as. shopping, is still done primarily from computers. However, the research did not take into account the entire shopping path, which often goes through the mobile channel at certain stages, as written about m.in. in the mShopper report, and only finalizing the shopping cycle. Typical activities for which we use smartphones are checking mail, using social media, listening to music Whether the use of all functionalities and applications involving geolocation.

On tablets, we most often read articles, look for specific information or play games.

Less and less time to assimilate content

An interesting and relatively new piece of information is that the nowadays we spend more and more time looking at sites, but at the same time we spend less and less time on each of them individually. This may include.in. the result of websites not being adapted to mobile devices, as well as in general Failure to adapt the online space to mobile – even though disturbing, oversized ads or pop-ups. It is worth keeping this in mind and making changes as soon as possible, adapting web solutions to mobile devices, especially in view of the recent Google algorithm changes.

Mobile content consumption is getting faster and more fragmented, so the battle for user attention continues.

How Poles use apps?

When it comes down to it, how Poles use apps, is many of us have up to a few dozen apps installed (a dozen is actually the norm), but actively and regularly use only a few, rest launching only a few times. 60-70% of the apps we use are those downloaded for free, 60% are pre-installed, and only about. 15% are those downloaded for a fee. It follows that A lot is downloaded, but little is used – So app developers should take care, first and foremost, to extend the app’s usage time and regularly attract the user to spend time using the app.

Here, a thorough understanding and selection of the target group is of great importance.
So, as you can see, the research confirmed some of the facts already known from other sources, such as. Smartphone penetration growing year by year or increased awareness of mobile users. The mobile era is still underway, causing a transformation in users’ perception of media, which must entail greater awareness on the part of marketers and the mobile industry as a whole, Which must take care to tailor the content to mobile users, both technically and in terms of content, carefully matching the content to users’ habits and needs.
After the presentation of the research results, the actual part of the meeting began, so panel discussion, From which an account can be found in our next article.
The transcript of the entire panel discussion is available on the IAB Poland website.

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