In my opinion, only iOS meets the needs of the market – Adam Kubiczek.

In my opinion, only iOS meets the needs of the market – Adam Kubiczek

We begin a series of "3 questions for the speaker". Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to the profiles of Mobile Trends Conference 2022 speakers by publishing short interviews with them. The interviews will cover the latest trends in mobile marketing and mobile technologies.

For the first fire, a talk with Adam Kubiczek, who will give a talk titled "Bluetooth Low Energy" during the "Development Day".
Grzegorz Kozubowski: Which system do you think is the best: Android, iOS or maybe Windows Phone? Why?
Adam Kubiczek: This question is probably intended to provoke another holy war 🙂 However, I will answer it with pleasure, because yes – I have my definite favorite. The best system is, of course, iOS! With that said, this is not the opinion of a person who has not been in contact with other systems – I am fortunate to be able to use a wide variety of devices, including top-of-the-line devices for each of the three systems, so my choice is strictly empirical in nature.
Android – a cool, open system, in the latest iterations you can say even nice, but nevertheless still problematic for the ordinary user. The ordinary user expects that the features included in the system will simply always work 100% reliably. In android unfortunately receives this. Windows Phone, on the other hand – could be considered reliable, but the base of available applications is too small all the time.

At least I don't yet find all of them that I would like to use. So, at the moment, in my opinion, only iOS meets the needs of the market and thus wins this ranking 🙂
What is your favorite app and why?
For several months now, the app I use most often and with the greatest pleasure is Moves. The app basically does only one thing – counts how many steps we walked per day. At the same time, it does it so phenomenally and precisely, also in buildings without GPS access, that I am still extremely impressed by it all the time.

Thanks to it, I started to walk a lot more – I now cover 3 – 4 times more distances on my feet than before. I've started parking my car far from the office so that I have an excuse to walk, or I choose to take the bus in general, which I have a few kilometers to get to. Health itself!

It is precisely such simple, but sensationally refined solutions that I like the most.
Finally, tell us briefly what your talk at Mobile Trends Conference 2022 will be about?
Through my presentation, I would like to give developers such a "quick start manual" introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Get interested and show the possibilities of using the technology and give background material for further learning. In the examples of BLE implementation on mobile devices, I will not focus on one system, but rather show the differences in APIs for the three leading platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Adam Kubiczek

CTO „same good”, AGH graduate and co-founder of KISS digital. Programmer with many years of experience, who started his programming adventure by writing machine code in a school notebook. It has progressed from unconscious incompetence, to unconscious competence, to conscious incompetence. At KISS, he is in charge of organizing the work of developers, research and development, and solving upcoming technological problems.

A lot of running.

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