Lollipop – the biggest of the Android updates brings with it many new improvements.

Lollipop – the biggest of the Android updates brings with it many new improvements

Android update to version 5.0 – Lollipop – is expected to bring with it more changes than any of the updates so far. Redesign, a new notification system and – above all – a significant strengthening of the security of our data are the main and most significant changes that Google boasts about. In addition, users are in for a lot of smaller details that can make using mobile devices more enjoyable and efficient.

Things are getting louder and louder about Android Lollipop, and we can present more and more details related to this version of the system.

Three main advantages

Google on the official Android site promotes the new version of the system, noting in particular the 3 biggest changes:

  • First, notifications displayed on the lock screen – the user himself will be able to specify which notifications should be displayed and which should not. Not only will the user be able to choose which apps to display notifications, but even specific email addresses or contacts – e.g. in such a way that the phone does not inform us about new advertising emails, but only about those private or business ones. The user will also have the ability to set priorities so that the phone does not disturb him during an important meeting or work time.
  • Secondly, our device’s battery is expected to be saved with the new version of the system. The average user will gain about 90 minutes of additional working time. The battery indicator will no longer display a percentage, but the estimated time until the phone is fully discharged or charged.
  • A third advantage, is the increased focus on data security, which you’ll read about in detail below.

Security first and foremost

Google’s blog post boasts, first and foremost, about the huge security changes brought by Lollipop. The easiest step to protect your data is to secure your phone against unwanted people unlocking the screen. Google realizes that typing a pin or password every time you unlock your phone can drive you crazy, so in the new version of Android users won’t have to unlock the screen by typing in codes – just look at the notifications and the phone will read your face and unlock the screen itself.

The system is called Smart Lock. You will also be able to use a Bluetooth or NFC connection to unlock your phone.
Android’s update to Lollipop also brings with it increased data security at the level of data encryption. Lollipop will do it for us – it will secure our data in the best possible way, encrypting it without our input. As a result, users don’t need to know a bit about data encryption to keep their data safe.

Material Design

With Android Lollipop comes a major Android redesign. Everything is to be used for a clearer, more “material” design, which will allow completely intuitive operation of the devices. Google has shared details of the new look on its blog for developers, which is intended to help them design applications for the new version of the system. The main changes brought by version 5.0 it:

  • Shadows, which, as it were, will allow to build a “hierarchy” of displayed data, pointing to the content in the foreground.
  • Clear text and graphics, native to print. The use of clear fonts and contrasting colors, which serve to lay out content more clearly and make it quicker to absorb. In addition, the status bar will change color depending on the dominant color of the app or the screen content. Icons will also be unified and symplified.
  • Smoothness of animationsi, which serves both aesthetic reasons and more intuitive operation.
  • Responsive design at the highest level, which will make sure that the content is displayed optimally, regardless of the type of device and its screen size.

Other highlights in Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop also includes many smaller, more minor changes that may not be useful to every user, but for a select group may become very beneficial. Unfortunately, quite a few of them are dedicated only to google’s devices, so literally a few selected models of smartphones or tablets. Here are some of the most interesting features that will improve the user experience for Android 5 users.0:

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