Truly mobile invoicing – a new app for Android.

True mobile invoicing – new inFakt for Android, a leader in online invoicing and accounting, has introduced a new invoicing application for Android smartphones. It makes it possible to issue invoices, as well as save customer and product data anywhere and anytime. The app is now ready to download for free from Google Play.

Enter your TIN and the data will download automatically

Issuing an invoice in the inFakt mobile app requires filling out a simple form. This is easy because you don't need to know the full details of the customer. All you have to do is enter your VAT ID and the data will be downloaded automatically from the CSO.

Such downloaded data can be saved in the application for quick use in the future.
A particularly convenient way to issue a new invoice is to select one of the previously issued invoices and use the "issue similar" function. This makes it easy to issue an invoice in which only some of the data changes, such as. date, price, or product name.
And here are other features of the inFakt mobile app for Android smartphones:

  • Sending invoices to customers by email straight from the app,
  • Saving customers and products and using the data saved in the web application,
  • list of all issued invoices,
  • saving bank account numbers,
  • marking invoices as "paid",
  • integration with www inFakt account.en.

Synchronize app with inFakt web account.en

Linking the app to a user account available on a computer means that an invoice issued on a smartphone is also available when logged into inFakt via www and vice versa. Analogous is the case with other data. This makes the mobile app a natural complement to the capabilities provided by the inFakt Invoicing Program.
The inFakt app for Android can be downloaded for free from Google Play. In the application you can set up a free inFakt test, which is also available after logging in via www. Free account allows you to test invoicing in the app and web version by issuing up to 3 invoices per month.
In addition, the free web account allows you to test the Accounting Program for 30 days and take advantage of a 60-day trial of accounting services by inFakt Accounting Office.

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