Military apps – will war be waged via phone in the future

Military applications – will war be fought with the phone in the future?

Anyone who has read or heard a little more about the history of the Internet has certainly heard of DARPA. This is a U.S. government agency that develops military technology. It is currently trying to create a smartphone ready fully for use in warfare.

It would seem that army phones are amazing, miniaturized devices straight out of sci-fi movies, packed with electronics, based on secret patents and government secrets. In fact, the army is using widely known mobile technologies to improve tactical operations and provide greater security for its soldiers. In addition, it turns out that the creation of new devices or the development of new solutions, must go through a whole arduous bureaucratic path, which is very cumbersome and for the army simply not profitable.

The agency's development team, using current solutions, is working on the program Transformative Apps (TransApp), This involves the development of special military applications using devices that we can find in stores on a daily basis. The program began in 2010 with a budget of nearly $79 million and is designed not only to assist armies, but also to facilitate the work of law enforcement and emergency services in the future. The most important goal of developers is to create applications that work with little or virtually no network signal.

And a soldier on a mission, is basically out of the loop all the time.

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