QuickClick Gold app – trigger any action with the volume button!

QuickClick Gold application – launch any action with the volume button!

Additional smartphone buttons, such as the following. Presses, gained great popularity even before they reached their customers. Meanwhile, a Polish QuickClick Gold app has been created, which makes it possible for us to launch any application or perform any action using only the volume buttons!

All we need is an Android smartphone.
An additional button for a smartphone is a gadget that arouses the interest of many users who want to improve the functionality of their phones. The first was Pressy, kick-starter, whose product we can already purchase, but we still have to wait for shipping. Recently, Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer has copied this idea, creating a MiKey, which today (April 8, 2022.) has its premiere.

We wrote about these projects just a week ago.
However, it turns out that buying additional gadgets is completely unnecessary. Google Play meets the needs of Android smartphone users. From the store you can already download the app QuickClick Gold, Which does not require installing additional gadgets. They are fully replaced by volume control buttons. Setting up the various combinations is quick and easy, and with the help of the volume buttons, we can, for example. take pictures, turn on the flashlight, launch any application or even call a specific person.

The combination created can consist of up to six movements. Using a widget, it can be easily activated and deactivated.
In addition, QuickClick Gold is a product of.. polish! The application was created by a group of Blor Mobile.

Straight from the source, we know that Blor wants to implement several other mobile applications, but these are larger projects that we will have to wait a while longer. The idea for the QuickClick Gold app was born out of a desire to satisfy our own needs, e.g. turning on the flashlight or scrolling music tracks. Each of us is looking for simplification in everyday life, and increasing the functionality of our smartphone by adding extra functions to the already built-in buttons is certainly one of the simplifications and will gain a crowd of supporters.

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