Smart watches have finally broken through to the mainstream – Wojciech Kalicinski.

Smart watches have finally broken through to the mainstream – Wojciech Kalicinski

Ahead is an interview with Wojciech Kalicinski – the only Google Developer Expert – Android title holder in Poland. He will give a talk during Development Day at the Mobile Trends Conference. Courtesy of its courtesy and We Like CAPS! (Kalicinski Google Glass will be available at the conference.

Grzegorz Kozubowski: What is your favorite app and why?
Wojciech Kalicinski: It's hard to point out a favorite, because I have several such sets of „must-have” apps that I use at home (ChromeCast, Youtube, Play Movies), at work (Gmail, Calendar) or on the go (Google Maps,, HipMunk). When I thought about it, however, it turned out that there is one app that aggregates data from all of the above sources, and I use it practically every day. We were talking about Google Now, a smart assistant and interface (including voice) to the search engine.

I realize that some are frightened by the capabilities of this tool if you consider the access to our private data. However, I'm a bit forgetful by nature myself, and what I like about Google Now is that most of the information appears without any intervention on my part – based on my search history, as well as after analyzing my emails, for example. With confirmation of an airline ticket or hotel.
Do you think that new devices like Google Glass or Smart Watch will become as popular as smartphones and tablets?
I don’t rule it out, especially for smartwatch devices, but it probably won’t happen within the next year or even 3 years. Admittedly, it seems that smart watches, after many attempts, have finally broken through to the mainstream – the Pebble is selling quite well and is available in the most popular electronics stores in the US. However, in order for the ordinary user to desire to wear a smart watch on his wrist, we probably need to see an even more serious price reduction and, above all, proper marketing presenting the advantages of such a watch (could there be a field for iWatch?).

With Google Glass the situation is a little more difficult, for a simple reason – this device works great in some situations, but on a daily basis is not so useful for now. Google, however, is doing a good job of driving the hype around Glass, and I'm sure that if the right apps come along and the price is no more than a mid-range smartphone, buyers will be found.
Finally, tell us briefly what your talk at Mobile Trends Conference 2022 will be about?
I don’t think there is a more annoying thing when using a smartphone’as poorly working applications. Error messages popping up on the screen, „hangs” and slowing down the entire system can make us feel like throwing the phone against the wall, and certainly uninstall the program responsible for them. During my presentation, I will discuss tools for Android developers, which will help to spot potential problems in the code in time and fix them to make the use of our devices more pleasant for easily annoyed users like myself 🙂

Wojciech Kalicinski

Poland's only holder of the title of Google Developer Expert – Android. Responsible for technology selection and software development, primarily in the field of mobile applications. Specializes in programming for the Android platform, which he has loved and promoted since version 1.0.

Regularly shares knowledge with other enthusiasts of new technologies at meetings organized under the banner of Google Developer Group.

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